Our Guiding Principles

Agents of truth

We seek truth, we own our promises and our actions. We walk together with community to enable truth-telling and allow truth to guide our work. We pragmatically challenge assumptions and remain relentlessly curious in the pursuit of truth. We are accountable to community and the truth.

Innovative thinking and bold ideas

We are confident and courageous in collaboration, approach and design. We are purposeful and diligent in our endless pursuit of getting to a better place. Indigenous knowledge and fresh perspectives enable us to continually solve complex problems. We embody Indigenous ways of thinking and being, and blend with Eurocentric philosophy to create strategic, implementable solutions.

Accept mistakes

We don’t settle for anything less than excellence. We are unapologetic in our pursuit of social and economic parity for Australia’s First Nations people, and this is reflected in all of our work. Together with our customers, and our people, we create change through high performance. We have the bravery and vulnerability to admit when we are wrong, and the courage to change, continually improve and evolve.

Social value through commercial strength

We’re unashamedly commercially minded. It’s not just alright to be commercial, it’s essential. Investing in ourselves and our customers creates a shared commitment to change. Prosperity must be underpinned by social and economic opportunity.


We are vocal on critical matters that affect our sector, and we work with community to strategically amplify their voice. We outwardly celebrate the success of our customers and our people and nurture an environment of independence in thinking and expression. We utilise the vehicle of communication across diverse platforms to deliver messages of significance. Our collective voice is heard from a position of influence, communicated strategically and impactfully through strong partnerships.

Exceptional customer service

We simply do more than what is expected. We know our business inside and out, we always maintain a positive attitude and we creatively problem solve. We respond quickly every time, no exceptions. We actively listen, not waiting to respond, and we embody a personal approach. We simply keep our word and go above and beyond to make memorable impressions – on all stakeholders – at every touch point of brand interaction.

Every moment counts

We enable and empower with every piece of energy. We are accountable to community and to clients, therefore we are working on their clock – we are acutely aware every second counts. We are driven to impact positively at every interaction and maximise every opportunity to influence a moment. We make an impression.

Luke Jeffery
Executive Director

Luke is a proud Aboriginal man from Wiradjuri country, South-West NSW. He is driven to effect positive enduring change for Indigenous Australia. Luke believes self-determining First Nations families and communities with access to real opportunities is critical to the economic and social health of Australia.
Luke has advanced Indigenous interests professionally for over 17 years working across multiple sectors and jurisdictions, influencing in leadership positions as the National Indigenous Programs Manager of the Australian Football League, Senior Consultant with Nous Group, Head of Innovations and Insights at the Gold Coast Suns Football Club and General Manager of Ten Four Media.
Luke has a diverse background in strategy, program design and evaluation, and leadership in high performance environments. He is relentlessly curious and blends systems thinking and analytical rigour with collaboration to co-design lasting solutions that make a difference. He has an engaging and authentic approach to work that enables him to relate meaningfully with all stakeholders.
“While Closing the Gap remains the predominant message, an opportunity exists to be braver and more ambitious with aspirations and how they are achieved, to rewrite the story for Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australia as there is no better time to change the narrative, generate momentum for true reform and trade any existing symbolism for substance.
I am passionate and pragmatic about the rights of First Nations communities to be the architects and authors of our own story, for a culturally safe and equitable future.”

Selena King
Executive Director

Selena is a passionate advocate for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander economic and social reform, having worked in and around the sector for more than 25 years.

Before establishing Canvas3, Selena worked within both the Australian and British Governments, as well as in private enterprise. Her work in the justice system exposed the legacy of historical trauma and the impact it has on individual choices and self-realisation. This led to a life-long commitment to changing the story for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

Selena maintains a strong belief in the power and importance of self-determination in creating sustainable economies and communities within Indigenous Australia. Working to create a business that will create a social and economic impact is a daily labour of love.

“As a country, we are lucky enough to work and live alongside one of the oldest living cultures in the world. As individuals and collectives, we have a responsibility to cultivate new environments that will enable our First Nations people to drive their own self-determined aspirations across economic and social hierarchies. I consider myself privileged to be a part of that journey.”

Stevie Smiles
Senior Consultant

Stevie has worked across multiple media networks, delivering successful engagement campaigns to Government, Industry and Not for Profit sectors.

Stevie’s expertise is in developing communication frameworks that engage and activate diverse audiences. He applies creative design principles to establish non-linear conversations and builds understanding through shared vision and trust.

In recent years, Stevie has focused his attention on social impact initiatives that deliver positive and lasting change. He places cultural safety at the heart of his work and lives by the mantra ‘give someone a voice and learn from them’.

“I trace my passion for social justice back to my grandfather, who fought for women’s rights alongside Germaine Greer in 1960s London. He taught me that everyone should be treated with respect, no matter who they are. He also believed that embracing difference makes you stronger, and that’s a mantra I’ve passed onto my kids. They’re growing up to be kind, open-minded and inquisitive people who are not shackled by ego or outdated stereotypes. So yes, I really think it works”

Toni Ellis

Toni is a Gangalidda woman from the Gulf of Carpentaria, Queensland. She lives and raises her family in Logan City, Queensland and is passionate about successful outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People. Toni believes that self-determination for First Nations People and their communities is an essential and fundamental right. 

Toni has a career spanning 20 years in finance, project coordination and management across a diverse range of areas.  She has worked with Prescribed Body Corporate and Traditional Owners in South-East Queensland and easily engages with Government sectors, both regional and local in sectors of strategic and organisational planning, Tourism, Infrastructure, Social Emotional Well Being (SEWB) arena. She and is an avid supporter small business creation, developing working relationships with lasting outcomes for all First Nations People.

“I am extremely honoured to engage with people who are on a journey that will help others determine their own path. I feel there is a need to empower people and support culture to effect positive, transparent, decision making to their community, to know exactly where their (children’s) futures lead. I am so passionate about making this connection and to support a successful and sustainable future for all.”

Chauntelle Wall
Director Operations 

Chauntelle has a diverse background in operations, stakeholder management, strategy, program management and governance. With over ten years’ professional services experience in developing, delivering and managing high performing consulting teams, she has delivered complex projects across multiple sized companies and industry sectors.

Chauntelle is a highly focused, confident and dedicated operations professional with diversified skills. An experienced achiever with a high ability to manage large projects to deliver outcomes. Adaptable and transformational leader with an ability to engage people to build and maintain strong business relationships while maintaining integrity and consistency.  A strong organiser with a passion for new and innovative change to assist with achieving goals with purpose. 

“ We are living in a time where real change is possible. I feel privileged to be part of a team that honestly and authentically advocates for social change and is working towards a new path for leadership and change for Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australia. We all have a responsibility to change the narrative, be better and make a difference“