Consulting and Advisory

“Discovery before action reveals solutions otherwise unexplored”

Canvas3 takes a coaching approach to consulting because it has the power to identify and co-design a range of options that can then be explored collectively. This ‘power-with’ model enables individuals, organisations and communities to develop solutions that best suit the needs of all stakeholders, delivering outcomes that are both positive and lasting.

For organisations, this provides the opportunity to:

  • Engage communities
  • Activate policy
  • Operationalise strategy

For individuals and community, it delivers:

  • Cultural safety
  • Connection and participation
  • Self-determination

The constructive nature of solution-focused coaching is derived from positive psychology. Challenges are overcome by leveraging values, strengths, virtues and skills, rather than force-fitting questions into ready made solutions templates.

Practice lines

  • Business realisation and capacity building
  • Change management and skills integration
  • Operational implementation of strategic policy and programs