Intelligent Communications

“Give someone a voice and learn from them”

One of the many ways Canvas3 differs from other consultancies is that we employ an in-house media and communications department to focus on compelling and persuasive inclusion initiatives. We do this because we understand the power of storytelling and its role in effecting social change. Used correctly, intelligent communications have the potential to:

  • Develop and engage communities
  • Create shared vision
  • Influence and activate others

From recruitment videos to interactive online portals, our communications projects place an emphasis on respect and inclusion, and help to empower organisations by emotionally engaging internal and external audiences.

We also provide training and development support around both strategy and delivery, enabling communications teams to develop rich content based on powerful cross-cultural connection techniques.

Practice lines

  • Working with Indigenous organisations to harness talent and creativity
  • Developing advertising campaigns based on advanced audience targeting
  • Influencing and activating through emotive and compelling storytelling
  • Empowering through the transfer of knowledge
  • Training for personal and professional communications development