We facilitate environments that enable solutions to reveal themselves.

Opening up to a broader social narrative provides great opportunity. In the process of learning what you need to know, you find things you never thought to look for. Such discoveries reveal solutions to problems you weren’t trying to solve and uncover barriers you didn’t know you had.

Viewed inclusively, challenges and opportunities are no longer seen in isolation, but rather in relationship to one another. Meaningful solutions are threaded through this rich tapestry of cultural understanding, allowing real and lasting outcomes to be achieved.


Organisational Evaluation 

The Indigenous workforce – its capability and growth, is highly dependent on building trust and creating genuine engagement from the ground up. We work with our client to evaluate their level of preparedness to build an integrated, diverse and sustainable workforce. We accomplish this through:

  • Organisational preparedness assessments
  • HR policy review & developments
  • Cultural assessments
  • Structural reviews


Canvas Recruitment Process Outsourcing (CRPO) 

Our CRPO seeks to connect candidates with their sense of purpose. Collective decision making, role modelling and ownership is critical in building a sustainable team and reducing absenteeism and turnover. Our ability to identify suitable candidates and establish support frameworks from the outset, aligning internal culture with personal values and organisational purpose, is our strength.

We accomplish this through:

  • Tailored Recruitment Campaigns
  • Integrated Media Campaigns
  • Community & Engagement preparedness
  • Story Telling & Yarns


Growth & Development  

The creation of ongoing comprehensive support programs, that are measured through retention and employee engagement, particularly with regard to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander candidates, is critical in changing historical rates of turnover. Our approach focuses on the creation of culturally relevant on-boarding and induction programs, which are co-delivered by external and internal Indigenous mentors and facilitators, to ensure connection and engagement from the outset. We then look to breed a culture of high performers through ongoing cultural mentoring programs, and our flagship Emerging Leaders program.

We accomplish this through:

  • Induction & On-boarding programs Diversity
  • Equity & Diversity Programs
  • Training & Education   
  • Coaching & Mentoring


Case Study – QCS

Canvas3 is a strong advocate for the sector and an equalization of opportunity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across health, justice, education and employment. We are a partner to Queensland Correctional Services (QCS) to recruit, embed and support a team of Cultural Liaison Officers (CLOs).

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Case Study – National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples

We first partnered with the National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples in 2016 to assist the Organisation in their revival through the provision of specialised recruitment services.

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Case Study – Engaging with Social Enterprise

In 2014, The Aboriginal Centre for Performing Arts (ACPA) successfully applied to Melbourne University Business School to participate in their Social Enterprise Program.  It was designed to take participants through an intensive process that guided them through the development of a business plan.

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