We facilitate environments that enable solutions to reveal themselves.

Increasing access and participation to legislated initiatives for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, organisations and businesses is a common challenge for many government departments. Central to this challenge are issues around awareness, clarity and accessibility, particularly for those living in regional and remote areas.

Canvas3 uses a ‘cultural brokerage’ model to bridge gaps in understanding. Our engagement campaigns are built on sustainable models of communication, empowering communities through knowledge and connection, rather than imposed solutions that mandate action.

At the heart of this model is an understanding of the strong correlation between cultural safety and effective engagement. We believe that embedding cultural safety into mandatory standards, while applying Indigenous values, norms and principles to delivery mechanisms, is the only way to achieve successful outcomes.

Gidgee Healing

Community control is a 48 year old model that was forged at Redfern in 1971 and is now exercised in 144 Aboriginal and Torres communities across the country. It supports…

Queensland Corrective Services

In 2018, Canvas3 partnered with Queensland Correctional Services (QCS) to create a new community-based cultural liaison role, following on from recommendations outlined in the Parole Review by Walter Sofronoff (QC) 2017.

Department of Youth Justice

In 2019, Canvas3 was engaged by the Department of Youth Justice to focus on the attraction and recruitment of Indigenous workers in detention centres across Queensland. These centres hold a…