Queensland Corrective Services

In 2018, Canvas3 partnered with Queensland Correctional Services (QCS) to create a new community-based cultural liaison role, following on from recommendations outlined in the Parole Review by Walter Sofronoff (QC) 2017.

For new recruits to achieve success, they needed to be both connected and supported by community, as well as by the department itself. This required a bespoke approach to the attraction and recruitment process, not only to meet diversity components within the QCS workforce, but more importantly to meet the needs and affect potential change of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples who were subject to custodial or community-based orders.

We facilitated Departmental-wide consultation with respect to the position and function of the role and received approval for our recommended approach to create a team of CLO’s to ensure this role family was embedded within the Department.

In addition, we were asked to design a culturally safe on-boarding, training, and support resource for both inductees and current team members to enable integrated workforces between custodial and community settings.