Workforce Strategy

“Effective workforces are inclusive by design”

More than ever, industry and government organisations are driven to adopt effective strategies and frameworks to create integrated and diverse workforces.

The relentless advance of technology, the availability and immediacy of information, and changing values and aspirations, all contribute to the way people are motivated and how they present behaviourally in the workplace.

Canvas3 provides a full range of workforce support service that enable organisations to:

  • Implement attraction, recruitment and retention strategies that promote sustainable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workforces
  • Create learning environments for cultural safety and acceptance
  • Develop leadership pathways that transition candidates from operational to strategic thinking and alignment

While a focus on quotas can have a significant impact on workforce representation, it’s not the whole story. Creating values driven, culturally safe  environments, where Indigenous employees have access to real opportunity, creates meaningful engagement and delivers positive and lasting outcomes.

Practice lines

  • End-to-end recruitment and selection for Indigenous roles or teams
  • Research mapping and Board advisory
  • Candidate mentoring and coaching
  • Profiling and promotion of diversity in practice
  • Leadership development through cultural competencies